Susan Shaughnessy


Susan began SKS Productions, LLC in 2001. She started her photography career in 1992 working as a photo editor for a stock agency until 1996. This led to work in Oregon where she produced sports and lifestyle imagery for various photographers from around the US.

In 1998, Susan became a Photography Director of AGENCY.COM, producing and directing photography for Fortune 500 global online brands. This experience established a foundation for today’s SKS Productions. Susan now works with a broad range of photographers, ad agencies, clients & photo agents to produce photography and video for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

She and her family reside in Brooklyn, NY.

She and her husband run, a studio and event rental space. And SIDECAR has grown out of SKS as

Liza Harding


Liza began her advertising career working with the creatives at Attik, one of the most esteemed brands in the early 90s. As her career shifted and fine-tuned, she landed in photo production in 2001, overseeing shoots in the US and abroad, managing projects for many leading photographers and brands.

Liza and Susan first worked together back in 2006, eventually becoming Susan’s partner on a lot shoots accomplished by SKS over the years. Together they’ve traveled to the Caribbean, Northern Europe, Alaska and have produced together in NY, Miami & LA endless times. They bring combined reason and energy, fun and hard work, and tireless persistence to problem solve any situation.