We oversee the entire project from start to finish, bringing it all together with precision.  We use relationships, technology and vendor discounts to bring our clients the best in all areas.


Locations are digitally presented on request; permissions, clearances and insurance will be taken care of for you.


Digital casting is provided via web links to your custom website of talent. Releases and payment options are handled for you.


All meals and craft services will be taken care of to your specifications.


Estimating is done free of charge, keeping current trends, finances in mind.


Detailed calendars and shoot schedules are provided for every project, along with a custom designed production book.


Post production includes collecting and providing receipts, paying the crew, finalizing the invoice and presenting copies to payee.


Includes transport, hotels, air, customs, immigration, visas, etc. to anywhere in the world.


We hire, manage, collaborate, negotiate and pay assistants, stylists, caterers, scouts, casting directorsand digital teams.


Estimating, DP sourcing and Producing video for your projects happens seamlessly upon request.


In partnership with MACROSTATE, we offer full service digital, design, and creative services for the web.

Sidecar Worldwide

Sidecar Worldwide is a collaboration space partnering with artists to develop creative conversation and presentation, while seeking and negotiating visual opportunities. Visit our site to learn more.